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For your convenience and the safety of children, Spectrum International Kindergarten is located in the new administrative district of the city. The campus was built with all safety and building regulations in mind. At the time of the design of the kindergarten, all the details of the child were taken into account for successful emotional and physical development. The campus consists of 4 blocks and is designed for 320 children. Every year, renovations are carried out to improve the quality and safety of the child at the time of stay in the kindergarten.



Children undergo the Bioptron light-tolerance system to stimulate the body to prevention of illnesses, curing and rehabilitation. 2 times a week they visit a salt cave with a natural microclimate to reduce allergic reactions, strengthen immunity and prevent viruses and bacteria. Also, our nurses prepare an oxygen cocktail to strengthen the immune system.


Children receive five meals a day in kindergarten. At the time of drawing up the menu, all nuances are taken into account such as allergies, child preferences, and all this happens with the participation of a nutritionist. The approved menu is sent to parents for review, so our parents always know what their child is eating.


The kindergarten is equipped with modern classrooms. There are separate classes for each program, such as a psychologist, speech therapist, drawing room, sports, choreography, music halls, robotics room, and so on. Each room is cleaned and disinfected regularly.


  • Individual building taking into account all safety rules and building regulations(SNiP)
  • 24-hour security
  • Video surveillance
  • Modern fire safety
  • Each group is supervised by 1 homeroom teacher and 1 tutor, which ensures complete safety
  • Special mounting on the windows and on the walls of the Kindergarten
  • Staff are given safety instructions

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