Education program

Why are we unique?

Spectrum International Kindergarten teaches children both based on Cambridge and Republic of Kazakhstan programs. Thus, many opportunities open up for our children. Children receive a full-fledged international education, which will allow them to continue their education in foreign and Kazakhstani schools without any difficulties. We create a unique atmosphere in which there is an open dialogue between children and educators.
Education program


Dombira is the most ancient instrument not only among the Turks, but throughout the world. We teach children using unique methods that allow them to master the instrument for preschool age. Learning to play the dombra, we not only develop hearing and rhythm, but also introduce them to the ancient Turkic culture.


Dances for children develop the child's physical abilities, improve coordination, plasticity and a sense of rhythm. Dance classes also develop posture, promote creativity and harmonize the inner state. Thanks to regular cardio loads, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, and endurance is increased.


On vocal courses, children will be taught the correct formulation of voice and breathing, correct intonation, diction, musical notation and everything necessary for vocal practice. Singing for many children is one of the favorite activities, and it helps to improve mood, increase immunity, improve blood circulation and overall well-being of the child.


In chess courses, a child develops not only logic and thinking, but also, chess is the education of willpower, the ability to make decisions based on facts, and not on emotions, and building logical chains, anticipating the actions of his opponent.


Gymnastics has a positive effect on the formation of a muscular corset and correct posture, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Classes also contribute to the development of willpower, hard work, self-confidence in a child.


Children’s karate classes are based on the psychophysiological age characteristics. Absolute safety and absence of injuries is the top priority. During karate lessons, the child develops endurance, coordination, flexibility, discipline and fortitude.

Funny Fingers

The art of drawing develops fine motor skills, and this is the stimulation of the brain regions responsible for thinking, speech, visual and motor memory, and coordination. During drawing, both hemispheres of the brain are involved, interhemispheric connections actively arise.


In kindergarten, we actively conduct various activities and involve children as much as possible in participation and organization. Each event has its own value, which teaches the child something. Thus, we develop the cohesion and initiative of children. We organize events for students as well as for the parents themselves.

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