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Home - where your children are surrounded by care and attention, here every child develops in a safe environment thanks to modern parenting approaches developed by professionals by combining the rich experience generated by the traditions of the Kazakh people and the latest practices of the international community. Every aspect is thought out in order to provide modern and comprehensive child development methods. Our mission is to build partnerships with you and your children to kickstart the development of modern leaders by unleashing the talents in your children!


Our children are brought up in an environment where all kinds of nations, cultures, religions are respected


Thanks to our tutors, our children learn to work in a team by respecting the interests of others.


Atmosphere of love and care of our kindergarden teaches children to be friendly towards others


With the help of developing materials and modern technologies, children are encouraged to the study of the world around them.

Story of our Kindergarten

Spectrum International Kindergarten opened its doors on the 14th of January in 2013 in Astana, currently Nur-Sultan. The main goal of our kindergarten was to up bring the leaders of the world in the atmosphere of care and love as well as providing quality education. In order to ensure this, the environment SIK was formed according to world standards. The kindergarten’s building is 3910,76 м2, which provides the capacity to admit 320 children, 20 in each group. Each room is furnished with modern types of equipment, playing grounds, didactic materials. Besides, in specialized rooms devoted to intellectual, artistic, physical, and psychological development our children kids have all the necessary conditions to develop in various spheres. Spectrum International Kindergarten currently has more than 600 alumni, more than 75% of which were enrolled in Spectrum International School and Nurorda International School by gaining one of the highest points in the entrance examinations.

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Head Teacher

Kamshat Zhamankulova

When people ask us what makes Spectrum International Kindergarten so special, it's easy to answer. It's very simple - our children are always at the center of everything we do. Our kindergarten is a close-knit family. We respect each other's differences, we value our different mindsets, and we support each other as we learn and grow. Each child is special - he has unique interests and talents. As a kindergarten, we work together to fulfill each child's potential by building interest, curiosity and confidence in everything they do, never forgetting that everyone is unique. The location and territory of the kindergarten helps us realize all the possibilities that you will not find elsewhere. Our children are unique, we are unique. We hope to welcome you here soon!

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